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Arizona Air Conditioner Repair Guru in Glendale
A/C Repair In Glendale

A/C Repair In Glendale

Do not take chances with your air conditioner. Are you faced with little attention or failed completely, you need a solution that you can trust to meet the demands of long-term brutal weather in Glendale, Arizona. Prompt and thorough repair priority. Call on the experts from Glendale, Arizona Air Conditioner Guru.

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A/C Installation In Glendale

A/C Installation In Glendale

Arizona Air  Conditioner Guru. sees every cooling installation project as an opportunity.  We take advantage of modern innovations to enhance the comfort and health of the home. It’s the chance to improve control over your indoor environment while minimizing monthly energy costs.

A/C Services In Glendale

A/C Services In Glendale


Precautionary measures today, keep your own air conditioning unit from failing any time you need it nearly all. Glendale Air Conditioning Guru. offers professional maintenance regarding all makes of air conditioning equipment across Glendale Arizona.

A/C Maintenance In Glendale

A/C Maintenance In Glendale

We encourage all of our customers to have regular maintenance on their air conditioning equipment to keep it running at maximum efficiency and avoid costly repairs. Call The Arizona Air Conditioner Gurur, Be Done.

Call Now: (480) 662-2689

Best Air Conditioner Repair  in Glendale

Best Air Conditioner Repair  in Glendale

There’s no guesswork or generic recommendations. Our fully licensed, factory trained, screened, and drug tested technicians take advantage of cutting-edge technology and draw from infield experience to provide an accurate diagnosis.

We will perform an in-depth inspection and check-up of your cooling and heating system to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.

  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check defrost components
  • Test defrost
  • Clean filter or replace (customer supplied)
  • Inspect contactors, relays, and circuit boards
  • Inspect disconnect
  • Check operating pressures
  • Inspect indoor blower and motor for dirt buildup
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Check caps & start components
  • Inspect bearings and lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect outdoor coil and advise customer of condition
  • Inspect and test safety switches
  • Inspect duct seal at unit and secure panels
  • Inspect indoor coil and advise customer of condition (only if accessible and won’t disturb any seal on a cabinet)
  • Check & document superheat & subcool (cooling)
  • Check voltage and amperage to all motors & compressor
  • Explain necessary repairs
  • Inspect wiring & tighten electrical connections
  • Check & document system temperature split
  • Run and test system

What People Say About The Guru

“ Excellent customer service came home from work at midnight. Highly recommended

Bob Rabadi

“ Outstanding Service. Cheaper than all others and came in less than an hour after I called for my A/C repair. Most importantly he did an outstanding job. I will definitely use you again. Thanks so much. ”

Sandra Holguin

“ I only review people if they deserve it and this company definitely deserves a 5-star plus. The owner is super friendly and does quality work. I do highly recommend all my neighbors, family, and friends.  ”

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